" Trouble "

( to the left )

Trouble ~ he was my soul mate, my companion, and I never attended a show without him. He will be forever missed in our home, I think of him every single day...  Trouble, we all love and miss you dearly ~ watch over everyone's kitties up there, especially my wonderful friends kitties, Darius and Cymba !

My website will always be dedicated to Trouble ~ he was everyone's best friend, and LOVED the cat shows, traveling, and snuggling with me xoxo


Savannah Cats are a new breed created by crossing an African Serval with a domestic cat. Subsequent generations are carefully bred to maintain the exotic look of the Serval in a smaller, domestic pet. These beautiful Savannah Cats make a wonderful addition to the right family. They are high-energy, intelligent, playful, and curious. Savannah Cats can easily be taught to fetch and go for walks using a secure harness or "walking jacket." They will steal your heart and enrich your life.






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I first learned about Savannah Cats when I was looking into the African Serval. Living in California, where ownership of exotic animals is strictly regulated, I knew that the Savannah Cat was the next best thing. Now, after owning and being owned by several Savannah Cats and Kittens, I know it IS the best thing. They bring so much joy into your life; now I can't imagine being without them.

F1A Female Savannah   Savannahs  are taller and lankier than most domestic cats, and can weigh anywhere from 12 to 20 lbs., depending on the breeds used to produce them. They have large ears, and a long graceful neck to go with their elegant long legs. Savannahs can be brown or silver spotted, or black or "smoke." Brown spotted Savannahs can range from a warm gold to a cool grayish-brown coat. They will get along fine with respectful children and other pets. "F" numbers are a shorthand way of expressing how many generations a particular cat is from it's Serval ancestor. The offspring of a Serval and domestic cat are called the "F1" generation. F2's have a Serval grandparent, F3's a Serval great-grandparent, and so on. Although females are generally fertile, the males are sterile until approximately the 5th generation.


 Our queen Lindy is an F1, and she produces the Sweetest F2 kittens ! 

Pictured below is our Very Own Trouble  ( and my Grandson Everett )

Savannah Island is a small, home-based cattery, Located in Beautiful Northern California. We are breeding for health, temperament, and type. Kittens are lovingly raised in our home, with lots of attention from, and interaction with our family and other pets. Our beautiful queens  were chosen for the special qualities they bring to our breeding program.  



Savannah Cat Rescue